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VPS Analytics services

Procurement & Analytics

Using a combination of our exclusive VVI© technology and proven services, we are able to attain market competitive pricing for any type of technology including maintenance agreements, hardware, software, cloud subscriptions, and more.

Our predictive analytics and proven processes optimize procurement. The VVI© tool can determine fully burdened cost in real-time. This, coupled with our team of experts’ experience with the technology sales ecosystem, ensures you always get market competitive pricing.

Plus you always receive the analytics related to our research regardless of whether or not you move forward with the purchase.  This ensures you are well-informed for future purchases.

What items are we able to save on?

We are able to achieve savings and spend recovery on just about any type of technology purchase.  This includes items such as:

Maintenance agreements

Cloud subscriptions

Hardware support

Software support

Consulting services


Software licensing






Cyber security

Compliance software

Advisory & Education Services

Whether you are a smaller business that lacks senior sourcing leadership or need a second set of eyes on your procurement strategies, our experienced leadership team can help. 

At the heart of our Tech Advisory Services is our technology rationalization solution.  We work with key stakeholders to identify and document your technology stack – hardware, software, and services – and map it to business need.  The result is a plan to eliminate redundant technology, modernize legacy solutions, right-size maintenance and support, and streamline business operations.

Most companies lack the ability to objectively validate their purchasing strategies and results. Our Advisory Services provide an unbiased perspective on your sourcing ecosystem while comparing it to industry standards and competition, thus giving you peace of mind in your procurement processes.